Michael Buckley

Designer Writer Thinker

Hello! My name is Michael Buckley. I am a passionate designer and writer with an appetite for knowledge and problem-solving.

I have nearly 15 years of experience as a creative professional developing proven design solutions and brand strategies for better user experiences and business outcomes. I am motivated by a clear vision and a sense of purpose.

Since 2010, I have worked for a small yet impactful medical communications company called Harborside, where I currently reside as their Creative Director.

Want to talk design? Contact me at michaelbuckleycreative@gmail.com

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Running for exit door at job

Avoid corporate cultures that undervalue people and design

Examining an organizations leadership and discovering your beliefs can help shape your career path

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art, design, and ux text

Design is not art, and UX is not design

Why designers have ditched the art persona and hijacked the UX industry

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Man standing at the top of infinate stairs

The existential designer

How designers can use philosophical thinking to create meaning

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UX road sign

Good UX is about integrity, not profitability

How businesses can seek pride in what they produce through humility and leadership

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Running for exit door at job

How aging designers can stay relevant

The struggle of keeping up to date with evolving industry standards

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vintage car tail lights

Contemporary design has lost its soul

As technology and efficiency improve, our products have become less beautiful and unique

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coloful brains

Hiring remote designers can add diverse thinking to organizations

How employees from different backgrounds bring culture, perspective, and empathy to the table

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standing out from the crowd

The value of being a creative weirdo

Aiming for authenticity over social validation

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design venn diagram

Designing for two worlds at once

How to integrate communication, reasoning, and empathy to solve business and user needs

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ux factory

Modern UX design is killing creativity

Developing a better user experience requires taking risks

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hierarchy of skill

Not everyone can be a good designer

The ability to design well requires knowledge, talent, and wisdom

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group office discussion

The World Needs More Outspoken Creatives

A large part of creativity is about producing new ideas differently...

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wooden puzzle

The Value of Practical Creativity

There is no doubt emotions inspire creativity...

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cute puppy covered in paint

The hard truth of being a creative professional

How creative success is more about perception than competence

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cat hiding under the covers

Climbing the Creative Ladder by Doing What I Hate — Talking to People

How Learning to Communicate Can Improve Your Career

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solving maze on chalk board

2 ways graphic designers can work more efficiently

How strategy and psychology can streamline your design workflow

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wall with loud speaker

Stop letting your designs speak for you

Using storytelling to sell your designs to stakeholders

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designer at their desk

The Death of Graphic Design

Graphic design — or at least what graphic design used to be — is becoming obsolete...

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robot hand pulling puppet strings

Can design instinct survive modern UX methods

Designers must embrace data and learn how to communicate effectively as UX research continues to drive design decisions

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greek statue

Developing Your Creative Wisdom

The ability to generate creative ideas effectively in a professional setting is a valuable talent...

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frustrated woman at computer

The Essential Stain on Your Design

The importance of developing design strategies for revenuegenerating

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desk wth computer and color wheels

Why You Should Avoid Graphic Design Trends

Search the internet, and you will find a plethora of articles and videos with predictions...

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robot hand with butterfly

The Rebirth of Graphic Design

How design has a more meaningful role to play in the evolving digital landscape

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person stcaking wooden block with inspiring words

Designers Do More Than Make Things Pretty

Get Recognized as a Valuable Business Contributor

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group of white ballons with one red ballon

Break Free from the Design Echo Chamber

The benefits of collaborating with non-designers

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group of white ballons with one red ballon

Medium acquiring Projector is a step in the wrong direction

A personal perspective on the value of Medium and my concerns with the platform changing

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